Woke Middle School Teacher Asks Student His Pronouns, Entire Class Makes Her Regret It

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by Joshua Ford | 24News

What would we do without Libs of TikTok? The right’s favorite social media provocateur does tremendous work exposing the woke behavior infiltrating our educational system. Sometimes Libs of Tik Tok stokes our outrage, and sometimes we just have to laugh.

One post from Libs of TikTok falls into the latter category. Here’s the set-up: a teacher who works with 5th- and 6th-grade students reached out to the TikTok world asking what she should do about a particular student.

When the subject of pronouns came up in the class, one boy raised his hand and told the teacher that she hadn’t asked his pronouns. So she did. The kid replied that his pronouns were “banana” and “rock.”

Naturally, this triggered confusion in the woke teacher, and at one point in her TikTok, she even tries to correct herself and refer to the kid as “banana.” Then she wonders — and asks the woke people on a social media outlet — if the kid was serious in telling her his pronouns are “banana” and “rock.”


It’s glorious.

When one colleague shared this tweet, another colleague commented, “If you have to ask TikTok how to be in the world, you should probably just quit.”

These woke teachers don’t know what to do with smart-aleck kids. And I’m here for every minute of the trolling of the woke.

Good job, “banana”/”rock” kid. I salute you!.


13 thoughts on “Woke Middle School Teacher Asks Student His Pronouns, Entire Class Makes Her Regret It

  1. I prefer to be addressed with sir or ma’am ! This,there,them, us,we are discriptive terms ! Not identified as lgbqbinary non binary are sexual descriptions . You can be a banana or a rock if you want but that doesn’t make you one !
    Teachers are there to teach reading writing , and arithmetic . You arn’t there to contradict the parents. At 8 or 9 you are just discovering there is a difference. Just because your parent is a homosexual you shouldn’t force those thoughts on innocent children !

    1. Well, this is a thing, and not a pronoun, there is a place, also not a pronoun, and them is plural not referring to self, but to numerous others. So, any teacher using these terms to describe a single student should not be a teacher, and should lose their teaching license.

  2. The same storyline yesterday had the same pic but the Kids were Kindergarteners.
    BULL SHIT made up stories just to get clicks!!!!!

  3. That is horrible. You’re not at school to force your views on students. These students don’t even understand why boys stand up to pee and girls don’t. Grow up folks. This woman needs to be fired.

  4. I agree with her colleague… she simply shouldn’t be allowed anywhere NEAR any of our children in any way. Nor should any other person pretending to be a “Teacher” when in fact “They” are nothing but groomers of chaos in the nuclear family. This agenda feels the need to attack us from the most vulnerable and impressionable, up. This whole movement needs to be shut down, wiped clean, and started over.

  5. Pretty sick would it has become when you need to ask a person their pronouns although it is obvious what gender they are. Just because they are confused does not mean they should get special treatment except for the metal ward.

  6. If you can tell a teacher’s political slant by things they say or do in the classroom, they have failed as a teacher. Their JOB is to educate our children, not to indoctrinate them or “Groom” them. Fire the teacher!

  7. I, myself self-identify as a flat rock…
    You MUST fully support my delusions, otherwise, you are a bigoted racist against igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic persons.

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