Stunning Poll Shows Majority of Americans Say It’s Time to Impeach Biden

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by Josh Ford | 24News

Joe Biden received embarrassing news from a new poll showing that most Americans agree it is time to file Articles of Impeachment.

And it’s not just the GOP.

A survey from Rasmussen Reports revealed that a third of Democrats now side with Republicans and Independent voters to overwhelming support Biden’s impeachment.

52 percent of likely U.S. voters say they would support the impeachment of Biden. 38 percent saying they would strongly support it.

77 percent of Republicans, 50 percent of Independents and 32 percent of Democrats who would like to Biden out of office.

A statement from Rasmussen about the poll reads: “Support for impeaching Biden is highest among voters 40-64, who are also most likely to think that if Republicans win in the midterms, they actually will impeach the president. Retirees are least supportive of impeaching Biden.”

Currently, Democrats control the House which prevents impeachment. However, Republicans have announced that their top priority is to impeach Biden as the party is poised to take over control of Congress in the upcoming mid-term election cycle.

Republicans are widely expected to win the House majority in the midterms. Every poll indicates that Democrats are in for a rude awakening.

There have already been eight attempts to impeach Biden that have been offered since he took office.

Three impeachment resolutions were in response to his handling of the southern border. Three more impeachment resolutions targeted Biden’s disatrous and deadly U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan.

One impeachment resolution was connected to the shady and corrupt overse as business dealings of his son, Hunter Biden.


High-ranking Republicans say Biden is guilty of committing “high crimes” in regards to border enforcement, the coronavirus pandemic, and the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan.

Rep. Bob Good explained, “I have consistently said President Biden should be impeached for intentionally opening our border and making Americans less safe. Congress has a duty to hold the President accountable for this and any other failures of his Constitutional responsibilities, so a new Republican majority must be prepared to aggressively conduct oversight on day one.”

In the meantime, Republicans are putting together plans to act quickly once they regain control. It’s up to Americans to vote Democrats out of office in November.

More on this story via The Hill:

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.), the lead sponsor of four of the impeachment resolutions, is among them.

“She believes Joe Biden should have been impeached as soon as he was sworn in, so of course she wants it to happen as soon as possible,” Nick Dyer, a Greene spokesman, said Monday in an email.

A noisy impeachment push from the GOP’s right flank could create headaches for Rep. Kevin McCarthy (Calif.), the Republican leader in line to be Speaker, and other party brass just as the 2024 presidential cycle heats up.

On the one hand, impeaching Biden could alienate moderate voters and hurt the GOP at the polls, as was the case in 1998 following the impeachment of President Clinton. Already, GOP leaders like Sen. Mitch McConnell (Ky.) are throwing cold water on the impeachment talk, suggesting it could damage Republicans politically in the midterms.

The challenge facing Republican leaders in a GOP-controlled House will be to demonstrate an aggressive posture toward the administration, to appease conservatives, without alienating moderate voters in the process.

Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-N.Y.) appears to be walking that line. Last summer, she called Biden “unfit to serve as president,” but stopped short of endorsing his impeachment.


3 thoughts on “Stunning Poll Shows Majority of Americans Say It’s Time to Impeach Biden

  1. That should have been on Jan 22, 2021 after he killed over 50k jobs, invited the WORLD to come into OUR country illegally and signed things he had NO IDEA of what he was signing…and even admitted it on Live Video.

  2. Impeach? No, it’s time we find out WHO is telling him to do what he is doing to OUR COUNTRY. Those people, Biden, his son and most of his family then need to be Prosecuted. It’s time was got OUR country back from these Socialists and make an EXAMPLE of the ones destroying it.

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