Mom Turns In Her Carjacker Son, Has Message For Anti-Police Crowd

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by Josh Ford | 24News

When a mother realized that her son fit the description of a carjacking and robbery suspect, she immediately notified the police. Now, she has a powerful message for those defending criminals because of their hatred for law enforcement.

When an 81-year-old woman was brutalized and robbed at a Aldi’s in Minnesota, police knew they were dealing with a dangerous suspect. The St. Paul Police Department reported that the suspect had pulled the elderly victim’s purse with such force that the sliding door she grabbed came off its track and she fell to the ground, knocking her unconscious. She sustained a brain bleed and a broken pelvis which required surgery.

Surveillance footage from mugging/attack on elderly woman at Minneapolis Aldi’s, photo of suspect

Police published video surveillance footage of the attack, hoping that someone would be able to identify the mugger for investigators. Shortly after the broadcast, they did receive a call with useful information. However, the tip came from the most unlikely of places.

The Mercury News reports that Isaiah Jamal Foster, 18, was charged with the violent mugging of the 81-year-old woman after his own mother turned him in. Foster was already in custody on suspicion of an armed carjacking of another woman when the tip came in. He has since been charged with first-degree attempted aggravated robbery and third-degree assault causing substantial bodily harm.

Foster’s mother instantly recognized him by the coat he was wearing, which was a gift from the young man’s grandmother. She told investigators that he was wearing the coat when he left the house, insisting, “I’m 100 percent sure that is him.”

The mother refused to let her distrust of the police convince her to defend a criminal, even if it was her own son.

Although the mother is wary of law enforcement, her actions send an unmistakable message to anti-police activists. While she has distrust, she refuses to let her own unease convince her to defend a criminal from justice.

According to the criminal complaint, “She does not trust police officers, but wanted to do the right thing. She prayed about it, and turned her son in. She loves her son, but did not raise him like that.”


In a Facebook post, St. Paul police notified the public that the mugging suspect had been identified and captured. They also indirectly gave their thanks to Foster’s mother.

“It started with a Facebook post asking for your help, led to a tip from a caring community member and ended with an arrest and charges,” the post read. “After our investigator received the tip, he easily tracked down Foster in the Ramsey County jail, where he’s being held after deputies with the Ramsey County Sheriff’s Office arrested him for his involvement in the carjacking of a woman and her young child on Osceola Avenue earlier this week. As of today, Foster is still in jail. Thank you to everyone who shared his photo and the video. And an extra special thank you to the person who called in the tip–your willingness to help is appreciated more than you’ll ever know.”

Isaiah Jamal Foster was charged with carjacking as well as the mugging, which left the elderly woman with a broken pelvis and a brain bleed.

Isaiah Jamal Foster was already in custody under suspicion for a previous carjacking involving a mother and young child. The woman had been followed home by a group of masked suspects who used their car to block her in her garage. An armed man then demanded her purse and keys before getting in her car and attempting to drive away as she frantically pulled her 3-year-old child from his car seat in the nick of time.

Fortunately, Foster has a mother who loves him enough to not defend his dangerous criminal behavior. Her actions serve as a wise message to the avid anti-law enforcement crowd, which has gone so far as to defend violent criminals in their efforts over their hatred of the police.


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