However Dumb You Think Gen Z’ers Are, They’re Dumber Than That

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by Becca London | 24News

Has the American education system completely collapsed? The video below demonstrates this all-too clearly.

It’s anecdotal evidence, but any of us who have engaged with college-aged Americans on a regular basis know that these dimwits are not the exception. They are the norm. Watch:

It’s a generational issue, as the original poster noted. It’s not just college students today. It’s “Gen Z” that is failing, or to be more accurate, it’s Gen Z that the education system has failed. More time and effort is spent trying to get kids to change their pronouns than on American history. More emphasis is placed on Critical Race Theory than basic geography.

Perhaps the most telling answer to one of the simple questions was when they were asked what the capital of the United States is. Someone questioned whether the United States had a capital. In fact, TWO respondents questioned it. Considering the current state of the union and the void of leadership coming from DC, they may be closer to the truth than most realize.


Daily Wire author Matt Walsh hit the nail on the head:

The people aren’t just college-aged. They’re of voting age. We can blame corporate media, Big Tech, mobile devices, and our failing education system for the collapse of American society in one generation.


8 thoughts on “However Dumb You Think Gen Z’ers Are, They’re Dumber Than That

  1. Remember, these people VOTE,,now you KNOW why Biden is in OUR White House,,and the Demokkkrat run congress. And the USA is on a DOWNHILL RUN, IN a Recession and our Borders of open to the WORLD. Remember in Nov.>>PLEASE.

  2. Everything is so clear and has been. If you watch enough tv, you can consider yourself having all the knowledge in the world ever. What you actually are is a by-product of what tv wants you to consume. That’s all you are is a dumb ed-down consumer. That’s all the USSA wants you to be.

  3. We are witnessing the end and ongoing result of generations of the deliberate dumbing down of the populace. It’s absolutely frightening.

    1. 1979, bussing, that’s when the dumbing down of America, 1964, affirmative action, 1969 the welfare act. Dems started this shit…..

  4. this is what happens when you teach indoctrination and WHAT to think instead of HOW to think, welcome to liberalism at its height … people so stupid those in power can tell them sand is wet and they will try drinking it when their throats are dry

  5. To be fair, they’re stupid and ambiguous questions. For example, ‘How many stars are there on the US flag.’ There have been 27 US flags. None have been retired. The primary difference is the number of stars. ‘What ocean is on the east side of the United States?’. Which state? How far to the east? Go east from Hawaii, for example, and you end up in the Pacific. ‘Name the 3 Kardashian sisters.’ It is highly likely that there are more than 3 women named Kardashian. Probably thousands. Name 3 Smith sisters.

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