Police Refuse to Apologize to Woke Mob Over Kyle Rittenhouse Photo, Edits FB Post to Trigger Them More

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by Joshua Ford | 24News

A police officer never knows what they may see out on patrol. They could break up a fight. There could be a crazy person yelling at a squirrel. We recently saw one cop pursuing a drunk Amish guy riding a horse.

An officer from the Thrall police department in Texas ran into Kyle Rittenhouse.

So, he posted a photo of this celebrity sighting on Facebook, saying “Make those stops, you never know who you might meet. Today it was Kyle Rittenhouse, welcome to Texas.”

Rittenhouse, of course if well-known for having answered calls online to defend businesses during violent rioting, looting and arson unfolding in nearby Kenosha, Wisconsin, in August 2021, when Antifa and BLM thugs descended on the city. 

Amid the chaotic scene, Rittenhouse opened fire, shooting three people, two of them fatally. He was acquitted of all charges in the shootings, as the jury agreed it was a legitimate act of self-defense.

But to the far-left, Rittenhouse is public enemy #1.

So people on Facebook immediately attacked the police department, and demanded the post be deleted and that they apologize.

Typical responses:

“Sick you are making him out as a hero. Shame on your officer and this department,” whined one loser.

“I was thinking they couldn’t stoop any lower, but it’s the police…” said another anti-police jerk who is no doubt voting for Beto.


“Typical Texas LEO behavior [emoji] [emoji] Everytime I think U guys cldbt stoop any lower U 1 up yourselves.” cried one person who was so angry her fingers didn’t work properly, because I have no idea what “cldbt” is supposed to mean.

The Thrall Police, to their credit, not only refused to apologize to the angry woke mob, they made an addition to the Facebook post to enrage them either furtherand give a quick civics lesson to any of them who might still possess brain cells: 

“I must have missed something, I believed that this young man was arrested, charged, indicted and then found not guilty by a jury of his peers. Is this not how our country works anymore? The hate in these comments is terrible, if you have information that is contrary to that I would honestly love to hear it.”


That’s the way you do it, folks!

Rittenhouse will be attending Blinn College near Texas A&M in the fall. He was attracted to the Lone Star State’s gun laws. Plus, room and board are cheap since he’ll be living rent-free in the heads of area leftists.


7 thoughts on “Police Refuse to Apologize to Woke Mob Over Kyle Rittenhouse Photo, Edits FB Post to Trigger Them More

  1. No ones life is worth more than my own. If everyone lived by that high standard, there would be a lot more respect and a lot less foolish violence.

  2. Someone needs to tell the woke mob they’re not in charge, they don’t make the rules, and no one cares if they’re offended. He’s a young man who was attacked by scumbags for preventing them from rolling a burning dumpster into a gas station. He probably saved many lives and incalculable property damage. Sorry leftists, you don’t get to destroy what others worked their whole lives to build because you have hurt feelings. Deal with it.

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