Watch: Store Owner Defends Himself by Using Knife to Stab Would-be Robber (Graphic)

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by Samantha Foster | 24News

This thief sure picked the wrong shop to rob.

Nevada – A Las Vegas smoke shop owner repeatedly stabbed a masked robber dressed in black bloc on Wednesday.

The store’s surveillance video shows two masked men entering Smokestrom Smoke Shop on Sahara Avenue looking for trouble.

The shop’s owner, Johnny Nguyen, quickly jumped into action and fought back against the robber.

Nguyen grabbed a knife and repeatedly stabbed the robber in a violent struggle.

The robber shouted, “He’s stabbing me! I’m dead!” as his accomplice ran out the door.

According to Fox 5, both robbers were arrested.

The injured robber was taken to a hospital and his condition is unknown.

Nguyen told Fox 5 he will be purchasing a firearm just in case he gets robbed again.

Fox 5 reported:

As his store was being robbed, a Vegas smoke shop owner grabbed a knife and stabbed one of two masked criminals. FOX5 spoke with that shop owner Friday.

Smokestrom Smoke Shop is on Sahara near Arville. On Wednesday, during the middle of the day, the store owner found himself in a violent struggle when trouble walked into his store.


“The whole time I was a little bit nervous because obviously I was getting robbed,” said Johnny Nguyen.

“I was really scared for my life because they were wearing baggy clothes… one of them came in with a bag as if he had a firearm,” Nguyen explained.

In surveillance video of the incident, one masked robber steals the tip jar. Another jumps over the counter and that is when Nguyen fought back stabbing him several times.

“I was in a fight or flight mode… a lot of adrenaline going through my body,” Nguyen shared. Nguyen called the police immediately after stabbing the would-be robber.

Nguyen now plans to get a gun for the store in case someone tries to rob his store again.

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4 thoughts on “Watch: Store Owner Defends Himself by Using Knife to Stab Would-be Robber (Graphic)

    1. Well , As far as l can see are 2 things !
      first : When he had ahold of the first one , He failed to SLIT HIS THROAT ftom ear to ear !
      second : He should have had a minium of a loaded 12 Gage behind the counter & had BLASTED the guy who ran for the door !
      NOW , as a Law Abiding Citizen in my country of America , l figure if these rules / laws are continued for a short time , WE will rid our communities of these type people & not have to worry ever again !
      OH YA ….. Sorry blm ….. Sad the stuff YOU don’t see a problem with …..

  1. I disagree with your so called “security expert”! That is why crime is running rampant! I can relate to the store owner! I worked 7 days a week, sometimes 20+ hours a day to build my business only to have it taken away 10 years later by a flash mob of 21 assailants, that left 7 people hospitalized! The cops did nothing!!! The FBI had to step in to get anything done but I could never get my business built back up and had to close! If there ever is a “Next Time”, I will kill them ALL!

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