Masked Karens Assault Unmasked Black Man In Elevator, Scream “Black Lives Matter” at Him (VIDEO)

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by Samantha Foster | 24News

In a viral clip, two masked liberal white women are seen attacking a stunned unmasked black man in an elevator then screaming “Black Lives Matter” at him.

The masked Karens can be seen in the video below screaming, “Get out, get out! Do not touch me!” before hitting the man.

One of the women even pulls her mask down while screaming directly in his face.

The lunatics then yelled, “black lives matter,” while attempting to remove him from the elevator with force.


“Yo, this is racist,” the black man said. “Can you stop? Stop! Stop!…You need to stop. I’m not getting out!” he insisted during the 30-second incident.

Twitter replies were quick to point out that the hysterical attack filmed on social media in the tight enclosure also spotlights the hypocrisy of virtue-signalling liberals who tout support of the left-wing Black Lives Matter movement.


“White libs have lost the plot. What a weaponized propaganda machine that they chant this phrase while actually abusing a black man. It’s not a protective armor that negates personal responsibility to treat others with dignity,” remarked writer Jessica Vaugn.

Another noted the strong resemblance of one of the leftist psychos to Senator Elizabeth Warren…

“I was told mass formation psychosis isn’t real,” commented podcaster Bridget Phetasy, referring to the sociopolitical term coined by Dr. Robert Malone to characterize the collective thought prescribing the nation’s COVID-19 narrative.



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