Fox Reporter Releases Tape of ‘Corruption,’ ‘Censorship’ – Bosses Told Her ‘Cease & Desist’ Reporting Facts Against Corporate Interests on COVID and More

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by Samantha Foster

It’s a go! Minutes ago, Project Veritas released interviews and secret audio and videos made by Fox 26 Houston reporter Ivory Hecker, documenting what she calls “corruption” and “censorship” by her management and executives at Fox Corp.

Previously 24News reported how Hecker’s stunning announcement of this fact live on-air…for which she was suspended today by her boss — the same boss who — among others — is exposed in her released videos.

Now, Tuesday night, Project Veritas has released recordings of Fox News Corp supervisor telling Hecker to “cease and desist” posting on Hydroxychloroquine, the life saving drug touted by President Trump, Ivermectin, or any other promising treatments to COVID-19 which have since shown tremendous promise in fighting the virus.

Hecker was also warned against reporting anything negative regarding the Wuhan Lab in China and its potential role in developing the virus — a fact and scandal which is now exploding by the day.

Hecker was also told not to bother reporting about Bitcoin to Black Americans because they “wouldn’t be interested.”

And much, much more. Via Project Veritas:

  • Hecker obtained recordings of her superiors telling her to prioritize the opinion of the station’s General Manager, and the company’s CEO, above that of the audience.
  • Hecker: “What’s happening within Fox Corp is an operation of prioritizing corporate interests above the viewer’s interest and, therefore, operating in a deceptive way.”
  • She also obtained audio of Fox 26’s VP and News Director, Susan Schiller, telling Hecker to “cease and desist” posting about Hydroxychloroquine on social media.

  • Hecker interviewed Dr. Joseph Varon, MD, Chief of Critical Care and COVID-19 Unit at United Memorial Medical Center in Houston, who told her of his success using Hydroxychloroquine on certain patients.
  • Hecker: “The viewers are being deceived by a carefully crafted narrative in some stories.”
  • Things turned racial behind the scenes, according to Hecker, who recorded her superior, Lee Meier, as they judged the newsworthiness of a story based on specific demographics — on one occasion, a Fox 26 executive said that a “poor African-American audience” wouldn’t care about Bitcoin stories.
  • Hecker said the decision to shy away from these topics was not made in the interest of the public good, but rather, in line with the leadership of Fox Corp and Fox’s advertisers — one of which is the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).
  • Hecker: “There’s a narrative. Yes, it is unspoken. But if you accidentally step outside the narrative, if you don’t sense what that narrative is and go with it, there will be grave consequences for you.”
  • Hecker: “Fox came at my throat for standing up against censorship.”


UPDATE: Full content video below


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