After Protesters Say Cop ‘Murdered’ 15 Y.O. Black ‘Child’, Police Release Video Proving Them So Wrong

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by Sam Raston

A mob of BLM protesters gathered outside of the Columbus, Ohio Police headquarters Tuesday night after an officer-involved shooting death of 15-year-old Ma’Khia Bryant.

Members of the Black Liberation Movement showed up to the scene of the shooting Tuesday to confront police officers.

An angry crowd chanting Ma’Khia Bryant’s name formed outside of the Columbus police headquarters.

Across Twitter all afternoon, BLM ac tivists and Democrats accused the police of “murder” of a “little child”, making #AbolishThePolice the #1 trending topic for hours as a result.

BLM protesters outside Columbus police headquarters demanded release of the bodycam footage.


Well tonight, they got just that…and it instantly changed the narrative.

Columbus Mayor Andrew Ginther released the police officer’s graphic bodycam footage Tuesday evening.


Video clearly showed Bryant was hardly a “little child,” but as large or larger than numerous adults on scene. The video shows Bryant ingoring the clear warning of an armed cop and attentped to stab not one, but two women right in front of police, before the cop clearly saved a victim from a certain stab wound by opening fire on Bryant.


Full press conference video:

The knife can be seen in the girl’s hand as she appears to attempt to stab the girl in pink. The officer fires his weapon and the girl falls to the ground. The video shows the knife laying beside her.

Of course, Bryant’s mother said she “dindu nuffin” and was a very peaceful child…

Former cop and now talk show host “Officer Tatum” had an excellent analysis of how this shooting with entirely justified in his video late Tuesday night.


4 thoughts on “After Protesters Say Cop ‘Murdered’ 15 Y.O. Black ‘Child’, Police Release Video Proving Them So Wrong

  1. Really, she was ‘Peace Loving?” while attempting to injure/kill two other people…when will these Black women stop “LYING?”. They are the reason the enclaves they live in are so violent! They promote violence and get in front of the cameras and regurgatate foolishness…These women with these violent kids are their first teachers! They nurture them first and you see the results! Now the police who attempted to save the other girl in pink…she most likely will turn on him, that’s what they do! Someone there called the police, because they were unable to control the situation they created; there were no white folks or white supremacists there period! This is normal behavior and now a check is going to the woman who’s offspring was justifiably killed! Like it was said, if that ‘peace loving’ black girl had killed the other girls…WOULD THEIR FAMILY GET A CHECK OR A STREET NAMED AFTER THEM?

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