Joe Biden Makes Last-Minute Request Before Debate – Begs for BREAKS!

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by Joe Callen

Unbelievable last minute request from the Biden Campaign this morning.

Biden has officially requested TWO debate breaks tonight during the presidential debate.

They want breaks EVERY 30 MINUTES during the debate tonight — in a debate that is only 90 minutes long!

So far the Trump campaign has NOT AGREED to this last minute request by the Biden Campaign!

This casts doubts on Joe Biden’s health and stamina.

Also — The Trump campaign has requested a third party entity to inspect both candidates for communication devices like an ear piece before the debate tonight

, after visual forensic evidence was revealed online that Biden has been using concealed remote-communication earpieces during town hall appearances in 2020.

The Biden Campaign has NOT AGREED to this.


Note: This is breaking news. We will update as the situation warrants.



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