BREAKING: Democrat Mayor ‘Fabricated’ Coronavirus Data To HIDE Low Numbers to Keep To Bars, Restaurants CLOSED

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by Ron Kersten

The Democrat Nashville Mayor’s office colluded with Nashville Health Department to HIDE actual COVID-19 numbers from the city because the numbers were so LOW.

They colluded to withhold the true data so businesses would stay closed!

This potentially criminal bombshell was revealed Thursday morning in a leaked email which was sent by the mayor’s senior advisor to health department officials on July 30, 2020.

FOX 17 Nashville reported:

“The discussion involves the low number of coronavirus cases emerging from bars and restaurants and how to handle that and most disturbingly how to keep it from the public,” the station said. “On June 30th, contact tracing was giving a small view of coronavirus clusters. Construction and nursing homes were found to be causing problems with more than a thousand cases traced to each category, but bars and restaurants reported just 22 cases.

Health department official Leslie Waller asked senior adviser Benjamin Eagles: “This isn’t going to be publicly released, right? Just info for Mayor’s Office?

Eagles responded: Correct, not for public consumption.”

Despite causing thousands of job losses needlessly, Cooper also cancelled the Nashville 4th of July celebration.


But he allowed a Black Lives Matter protest to go on!

This despite the fact that BLM rioters set fire to the historic courthouse just one week before!

Thousands of people turned out to the rally, less than half of who even wore masks. Several incidents of violence against police cars and property.

But Cooper kept bars or restaurants shut tight…causing dozens of them to close for good!

Outraged Americans are reacting, with many demanding Coopers immediate resignation and criminal prosecution…


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