BREAKING: CNN Caught Placing Biden Campaign Volunteers in ‘Neutral’ Audience at Town Hall (Video)

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by Sam Rostock

77-year-old Joe Biden participated in a CNN town hall Thursday evening with host Anderson Cooper.

It is a complete, scripted farce.

Anderson Cooper began by asking Joe Biden a softball question about Trump’s COVID response.

Anderson Cooper then called on a questioner who just happened to be from Dunmore, PA, the same town Biden’s dad is from — what a coincidence!

“My dad’s from Dunmore!” said Biden.

Then things got MUCH worse.

A man named Joe Farley was presented to the CNN TV audience as a random, neutral questioner from the community.

He wasn’t.

Joe began to weep as he told Joe Biden about his hardships making under $15/hour working at a cancer center, and was forced into to living off of a credit card with a 25% interest rate:

But Joe Farley was not a random questioner.

He’s a Biden campaign volunteer, apparently a paid one.

Farley actively campaigns for Joe Biden and even met with the nominee multiple times, and took photos with him, including at the Democrat National Convention!

Joe Farley and Joe Biden at the 2020 DNC

Did Mr. Farley use a “25% credit card” to buy airline tickets to the DNC in Milwaukee?

Here Joe shows off his Biden signs in a demonstration he organized (for the Biden campaign) against a Trump visit, and calls Trump supporters “bigots”:

But to CNN viewers he is just “Joe the poor cancer center employee.”

Unbelievable bias on display. CNN is truly pathetic.

Here’s the full exchange.

Keep in mind when you hear Joe Farley talk about his “25% credit card to buy groceries,” (if it’s even true) keep in mind that Biden has always been known as “The Senator from the Credit Card Industry,” and Biden authored laws to reduce regulations on credit card companies, and wrote restrictive bankruptcy laws to make it harder for Americans to free themselves of credit card debt in bankruptcy.


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