Who’s In Charge? Now It’s BIDEN Flipping the Script with “Harris-Biden Administration” Gaffe (Video)

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by Sam Rostock

The unforced errors just keep on coming for the Democrat presidential ticket this week.

As if it wasn’t bad enough Kamala Harris is suffering a public relations meltdown since she landed in Florida (here

, here and here), Harris made the one gaffe a VP pick can never make, referring to a potential “Harris Administration” with Slow Joe as her sidekick…


Now that Joe Biden has joined Harris in the Sunshine State, he is echoing her gaffe — mentioning a “Harris-Biden Administration”!

Except Joe didn’t even bother to correct himself — because he is too confused to even realize his mistake.

I guess Joe thinks he is still running for his OLD job.

After all, just yesterday Joe cited the “Obama-Biden Administration” and promised more if “we get re-elected”…

Americans are starting to wonder…is “Harris-Biden” even a gaffe?

Or just “The Plan” — already plotted out, schemed, and scheduled, should these two somehow win the election?


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