WATCH: Democrat Pisses on Trump Yard Sign — Homeowner Lights Him Up (Video)

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by Tony Sasa

A Minnesota man in the Democrat-leaning town of Duluth confronted a trespasser urinating on his Trump yard sign — and footage of the moment has gone viral.

Todd Seehus, 41, on Monday had his wife post the 30-second clip online.

After spotting the interloper on a home security system one night, Seehus makes haste to the porch, where he inquires of the man, “What the f*ck?”

“F*ck you,” replies the man, who is wearing a black hoodie and black pants.


Seehus then unloads a barrage of paintball fire, causing the man to fall to the ground and cry out in pain before running off into the darkness.

“Do I feel bad about it?”  “No. Don’t steal, don’t trespass and you don’t have any problem.”

A pro-Trump patriot: Seehus, a husband and grieving father, has in recent months waged a one-man campaign against local youth intent on stealing and vandalizing his dozens of signs and flags showing pride for America and the Trump presidency.


As documented on his YouTube page, Seehus’ previous efforts to defend his property have included posting warnings, covering a yard sign with poison ivy and electrifying a flag pole.

Many conservatives have appreciated his stand against liberal intolerance, and his follower count has surged to nearly 115,000.

Seehus’ home in Democratic-leaning Duluth is just one front in the 2020 electoral fight for Minnesota.

President Donald Trump and Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden will hold dueling rallies next Tuesday in the pivotal battleground state.


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