DISASTER: Kamala Harris Visits Florida Latino Restaurant – Owner Says She Was ‘Not Welcome,’ Customers Furious

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by Sam Rostock

Democrat Vice-Presidential nominee Kamala Harris’ very bad week just got a lot worse after a P.R. disaster in South Florida.

Earlier, we reported how Harris was confronted by dozens of “Hispanics for Trump” protesters upon her arrival to the airport, who held up signs saying “No Communista!” and forcing her to alter her motorcade route:

Then Kamala made an embarrassing gaffe to Hispanic business owners on live TV looking forward to a “Harris Administration, together with Joe Biden” which became a national joke all day on Twitter:


Now, in the latest Florida mess, Harris visited a Venezuelan restaurant in Doral — unannounced — and it became a local news disaster.

The angry restaurant owner said that Kamala was “not welcome” at Amaize Latin Flavors, and furious customers were even calling for a boycott, until they realized that the owner was on their side.


Some Venezuelans who eat at Amaize were forced to flee socialism in their home country, and see Biden/Harris as bringing the same left-wing disaster to the U.S.


The Trump campaign is also doing a great job of linking “progressive” Biden to Latin Socialists and revolutionaries.

And it’s working…Trump is now running EVEN with Biden among all Hispanics in Florida — a 12-point increase over Hillary Clinton in 2016.

NBC News is freaking out about their favored candidate in trouble with the critical voting bloc…

The Trump camp last month unveiled a powerful ad targeting Hispanic voters.

The ad showed Cuban revolutionary Fidel Castro, Venezuelan Socialist Hugo Chavez and others bragging about being progressive.



6 thoughts on “DISASTER: Kamala Harris Visits Florida Latino Restaurant – Owner Says She Was ‘Not Welcome,’ Customers Furious

  1. Harris is one of the most evil women on the planet.
    Look her record up.
    She LITERALLY sentenced people who have served sentence for their crimes – to actual SLAVERY.
    She is LITERALLY a slave master.

    You can not make this shit up. Why are the dems running this evil woman?

  2. Kamilla did not make a gaffe, she IS campaigning for a Harris Administration. Let’s face it- Biden is going to be replaced before he’s a total vegetable.

  3. I read last week that there is a law suit pending to disallow the Anchor Baby Kamala Harris as she is Not Natural Born as required for POTUS and VPOTUS. Best of all, one of the people behind the suit knows he has ‘Standing’ so it most likely will be heard. Both of her parents, at the time of her birth, were in the US on Student Visas from Jamaica and India which also means she is not a Black candidate as Biden said he wanted. Further, her grandfather was the largest slave owner in Jamaica.

    So glad to see so many opposed to socialism. As PDJT said ‘America will Never be socialist.’ WWG1WGA Trump 2Q2Q

  4. She ruined our dads 78th birthday dinner! They made us leave!!! The restaurant owners were LIVID! We are all of Greek descent and Trump supporters !

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