“CRAZY NANCY”: Jim Cramer Insults Pelosi to Her Face During CNBC Interview (Video)

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by Ron Kersten

The stature and image of the most powerful Democrat in America is sinking fast…at the worst possible time.

With a pivotal election less than 50 days away, Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s esteem is free-falling…as was made clear by an unforgivable “slip” by CNBC icon — and lifelong Democrat!Jim Cramer on live TV this afternoon.

Jim Cramer: “Madam Speaker, I’m listening to you and I, three days you told CNN you were optimistic about a deal.”

Speaker Pelosi: “I am, but”

Cramer: “Really? I mean, I thought I taken right off the table right here off this very minute. You got Mark Meadow go and say he was the skunk at the party. He didn’t really, you know, he’s gotten in the way between you and uh, I think Secretary Mnuchin. I mean, what deal can we have, uh, Crazy Nancy? I’m sorry, I, that was the president. I, I have such reverence for the office I would never use that term. But it is hard …”


Longer version:

Unthinkable just a few short weeks ago.

But that was before Pelosi exposed herself as a complete hypocrite by getting a “blowout” at a San Francisco salon without a mask — when all salons in the city were closed…and then sicking her leftist allies on the salon owner and forcing her out of business.

Hair dressers from across the Bay Area hung blow dryers and curlers in Pelosi’s tree as a protest…

And White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany brutally trolled Pelosi by playing her salon video at her press conference, comparing her to Marie Antoinette…

Now, just as her party has to defend their house majority, Pelosi is an object of national ridicule. So much so that Jim Cramer would insult her to her face live on-air.


Predictably, the left is demanding he be FIRED…

Then again…

This is gonna be fun to watch as the Democrats fight each other over this…


3 thoughts on ““CRAZY NANCY”: Jim Cramer Insults Pelosi to Her Face During CNBC Interview (Video)

  1. She’s a slightly closeted Marxist globalist traitor in a powerful position. She’s facilitated MS13 gang trafficking in child sex victims across the southern border. She’s facilitated the Jihadi invasion across the southern border. Her & hubby’s corruptocrat insider trading is outrageous & extreme. Her smug arrogance is in keeping with her Mafioso heritage. Her hostility to the Constitution and our foundational values is a stench on the public stage. Her alcoholism if brazenly obvious. Her narcissism is at least crazy. I think she deserves to be arrested & put in GITMO to await a military tribunal for extreme treason and sedition as a virulent enemy within the walls.

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