WATCH: Woman Asked to Stop Blocking Flight Attendant, Unleashes Wild, Racist BLM Rant (Video)

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by Samantha Foster

The BLM cult is spreading and having some ugly impacts on our society everywhere.

A Black woman who was blocking the aisle of a Spirit Airlines flight with her body and bag, while talking with people in their seats, launched into a crazy, racist, Black Supremacist rant against the flight attendant and multiple white passengers, threatening violence against several.

Here the attendant, who was trying to prepare for takeoff, and had waited for several minutes for the woman to move, tries to get past her.

The Black woman then claims she was on her way to the bathroom, and immediately starts hurling accusations about “White privilege” against the attendant, a white woman who supports the Spirit employee, and others.


UPDATE: A longer version of the video is far more disturbing, and shows the woman launching into a virulently racist, Black Supremacist lecture, even telling one “recessive”

White woman to “bow down” to her as a racially superior “queen”, before — finally — being removed from the plane.

The far-left “Black Lives Matter” cult is infecting our culture in some pretty awful ways, as we have seen with cities burning, restaurant patrons being assaulted and harassed and even murder. This woman shows what the movement does to mentally unstable people, leading them to feel they can unleash their sick racist beliefs on the public, and everyone just has to accept it.


5 thoughts on “WATCH: Woman Asked to Stop Blocking Flight Attendant, Unleashes Wild, Racist BLM Rant (Video)

  1. She clearly has an element of crazy in her makeup, but in general this is the kind of self-righteous, entitled mentality that BLM and the “social justice” movement are fomenting. If the majority of clear-thinking, mature, good people out there don’t immediately start standing up verbally to this idiocy, we will soon find ourselves in a situation where the only option left is to fight these brainwashed zombies physically. Let’s not let it get to that point.

  2. Another racist asshole. Hope whe is put on a permanent no fly list. But, because of her attitude and complexion she’ll be flying again.

  3. Should have been hog tied with ductape and seatbelts and then thrown out at 30,000 feet with her iphone going live on periscope so the whole world can hear her BS…. “BLAH BLAH BLAH”,… splat.

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