DISASTER: Biden Fumbles Big Speech, Then Flees From Podium to Avoid Questions from Press (VIDEO)

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by Sam Rostock

Facing damaging polls that show his ties with China are hurting his standing with the American people, Joe Biden today absurdly tried to launch a “Buy American” policy — getting “tough” on China — he claims he will pass if elected.

Seriously? The same guy who once bragged about getting China into the World Trade Organization (WTO), which caused nearly 60,000 factories

to close in the U.S., costing 3.5 million American jobs?

The same Biden whose son Hunter received a sweetheart $1.5 billion Chinese investment for his BHR Fund directly after he accompanied his father Joe on Air Force Two to a meeting with officials in Beijing?

The same Joe Biden who is so pro-China that the official newspaper of the Chinese Communist Party actually ENDORSED him?

THAT Joe is going to “get tough” on China?

Yeah, it probably doesn’t make sense to Joe, either. Perhaps that’s why he could barely get his words out from the teleprompter:

WHAT? As usual we have no idea what Slow Joe is trying to say, and neither does he.

After a man who has spent 47 years in Washington absurdly blamed outsider Trump for China stealing our jobs, the roughly two dozen reporters had a lot of questions they wanted to ask him about that.

Instead, his handlers wisely blasted music, and Joe (awkwardly) threw on his mask….and FLED.

He did not take a single question!


He can’t avoid Trump like this in the debates. Is that why we are all hearing he “shouldn’t” even attend any debates? Will there be a tape delay for Joe alone? “Technical difficulties”? Cheat sheets and headsets with handlers shouting in his ear?

No wonder the Democrats’ only real strategy is to steal the election via massive “mail-in” fraud. Slow Joe is a complete disaster, and they know it.


2 thoughts on “DISASTER: Biden Fumbles Big Speech, Then Flees From Podium to Avoid Questions from Press (VIDEO)

  1. The man is completely and utterly incompetent and has no idea where he is, what he’s doing, what’s going on. I work in long term dementia care and this guy is really far gone. Over the last few months the wild mood/temper swings are escalating. He will start raging and lashing out physically very shortly. He should be institutionalized as soon as possible.

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