‘This Isn’t Seattle!’ – Washington State Troopers Rip BLM Militants Out of Car For Illegally Blocking Highway (VIDEO)

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by Sam Rostock

BLM-Antifa terrorists shut down highway 99 during their “Seattle Morning March” so they thought they could rove into other parts of Washington and do the same.

BLM blocked traffic and protested on NB-15 freeway and thought they’d get away with it.

They thought wrong.

Washington State patrol wasn’t having it and arrested every single BLM driver illegally blocking the highway.

State troopers approached a vehicle and the driver was defiant.


Law enforcement had enough and ripped the Black Lives Matter militant out of the driver’s seat and pushed back against others in the car claiming that they are ‘allowed’ to block the street.

‘This isn’t Seattle!’ the trooper yelled.


A black woman hurled racist insults to at a black trooper: “You’re a house n*****!”

WATCH (language warning):

“They took every single driver of our brigade.”



Boo Freakin’ Hoo!

America is cheering right now…less Seattle, less Portland…more of THIS!


20 thoughts on “‘This Isn’t Seattle!’ – Washington State Troopers Rip BLM Militants Out of Car For Illegally Blocking Highway (VIDEO)

  1. It’s about time cops decided to step up and fight back. These thugs need to be stopped and cops need to be aloud to to their jobs without interruption from the government.. BLM Burn Loot Murder,Black Lives matter Ni99ers Don’t..

    1. You don’t even know me. Calling protesters terrorists is hyperbole no matter how much you want to try to insult me. So the anti maskers that were blocking traffic were terrorists or is it just the BLM protesters. I’m assuming just the people protesting for black lives are the terrorists.

      1. BLM is a Marxist/Communist organization ! ! They have Nationally been declared a “TERRORIST Group” Get over it ! !

  2. You are calling protesters terrorists because they blocked traffic. They were playing music and dancing in the street.
    They were an inconvenience at best. Talk about hyperbole. People just eat it up and I’m sure you love it Pretty irresponsible and poor journalism.

      1. Threatening someone with hanging is so very patriotic of you. I’m glad you feel that way about your fellow Americans. Its pieces of shit like you that are dividing our country.

    1. Were they not infringing on the rights of others then they would have been allowed to do their act of defiance. I am proud that the State Police of Washington have the willingness to stand and
      do the jobs they are paid to do, with or without the support of the governing factors.

    2. An inconvenience at best? Pretty damned inconvenient if you need to get to the hospital. Or catch a flight. I don’t think your brain works as designed.

  3. I think these people need to learn the law before protesting. If this is an invasion that is another matter. Then they must admit to terrorism. That is what will bring out the troops. Ask them if this is a takeover of the rights of law abiding citizens, because I fail to see how this helps the protests. It only angers law abiding citizens trying to go about daily life!

  4. However, this may be the best thing to happen for our Country and our police. Those “Peaceful Assemblers” are not who they say they are, and anyone with common sense can see that. So sad they have been brainwashed. This will ultimately help show who is radical and unjust!

  5. search term: aircraft snow removal. oshkosh snowplow

    rumble rumble rumble BONK! BONK! SPLAT! rumble rumble and the job is done. you would think Washington would have a few of these.

  6. Fuck you BLM and Antifa !

    You are spoiled brats on dope. You break the laws and behave like wild animals, you belong in prison . Scum bags !

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