Starbucks Barista Films Toxic ‘Blue Lives Matter’ Drink, Wants ‘More Dead Cops’… Gets What’s Coming to Him

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by Samantha Foster

A Starbucks barista posted a video to TikTok on Sunday calling for “more dead cops” that showed him behind the counter preparing a special poisonous “Blue Lives Matter” drink recipe that called for more than a cup of bleach.

The video, which has since been deleted from TikTok, showed a Starbucks cup sitting on the counter with the words “Blue Lives Matter” written on the side of it.

The caption on the video read “All I want for Christmas is more dead cops.” (also the “song” which accompanied the video).

The barista, who could not be seen in the video, narrated the video with his special recipe for the beverage he concocted for police supporters.

The barista was identified as a TikTok user named Van Greyson Hart who worked in a Starbucks inside a Target store in Indianapolis.

“Hi guys, I updated my recipe for the Blue Lives Matter drinks,” the video began.

“First were going to add bleach. Then we’re going to add blood of innocent black men.”


Well now, “Van” — who is rumored to identify as “multi-gendered” and answers to “they,” has paid the price for “their” video.


He got FIRED…

An employee of a Starbucks inside a Target store in Indianapolis has been terminated after posting a video on TikTok showing how to make a “Blue Lives Matter” drink made of “bleach and a little blood of innocent Black men.”

Target spokesperson apologized for the “disturbing video” calling it “appalling and unacceptable.” The terminated employee of the Target store, located at 1300 E. 86th St., also “egregiously violated” the company’s food safety procedures in making the video, the statement said.

What is notable though is what has not happened to “Van” — he hasn’t been “doxxed” by Conservatives or police groups.

His home address has not been published, nor have angry mobs gathered there to denounce him or smash his windows.

In other words, his life is not being destroyed in the same way that the left routinely does to conservatives for even the most minor of “slights” in language or actions.

Though frankly, he would certainly deserve it. This is one of the sickest videos we have yet seen. And the way he presented it was not just to shock, but he clearly expected TikTok’ers to cheer and praise him for this sick action.


One thought on “Starbucks Barista Films Toxic ‘Blue Lives Matter’ Drink, Wants ‘More Dead Cops’… Gets What’s Coming to Him

  1. He’s mulit=gendered? So he’s a hermaphrodite I take it?

    Reminds me of my racist cousin Who also Hates cops (at least black and mexican cops) He also wanted to sertve them a black lives matter drink using feeces.

    There isn’t any difference between the two nazis and socialists. They generalize, they oppose authority, they are a threat. At least van hasn’t been lynched or had his home attacked the way people have just for saying something like “All lives matter”(which is also absurd. EVIL PEOPLE DON’T MATTER) Or something…

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