Jemele Hill: “Why Should a Country That Doesn’t Value Black Lives Get to Be ENTERTAINED by Black Athletes?”

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by Samantha Foster

In a new article for “The Atlantic” former ESPN host Jemele Hill argues that “Black players should leverage their talent to promote change at every possible opportunity.”

Posting her piece on Twitter, Hill posted the question “Why should a country that doesn’t value black lives get to be entertained by black athletes?”

Hill’s question garnered a variety of answers.

One Twitter user replied “Because by doing so they lose their platform”

Another replied “Hopefully the rapid decline of interests continues. Reality, fans are walking away from a game, life long passion they used to support. Get woke.”


Another wrote “They should totally cancel the season. Otherwise this is just a rain delay and no one will care. C’mon NBA, cancel the season!”

Since Hill’s article, the NBA has resumed play.

A small group of players including LeBron James, reportedly spoke to ex-President Obama who urged them to continue the season but leverage the opportunity to make change.

What do think about Black athletes derailing their season on behalf of serial sexual and domestic abuser Jacob Blake?


4 thoughts on “Jemele Hill: “Why Should a Country That Doesn’t Value Black Lives Get to Be ENTERTAINED by Black Athletes?”

  1. Oddly, at only 13% of the population,,,said “Black Athetes” make up MOST of Sports Over Paid Jocks…Now I call THAT racism…they should only have 13% of the spots in Sports…and the rest made up of Native Americans, Hispanics, Whites and Asians

  2. She’s exactly right. All pro sports with a majority of black athletes should be cancelled immediately. Thank you so much, Jemele, for your super intelligent commentary!

  3. If I don’t show up to work, at a minumum, I don’t get paid. And probably, I get fired. Take away these athletes multi-million dollar paychecks and see if they then shut up and do what they are paid to do. And no kneeling. Until then I won’t watch NBA, NFL, MBL, etc. The only sport we have left right now is golf. Even NASCAR is a political sport.

  4. We watched based on athletic ability obviously not brain power. But like someone else said, since we too should get Social Justice….limit black participation to 13% across the board….period. I so much like track athletes of all races who are perfect representatives and are smart, family oriented, appreciative, humble and thank others who contributed to their success

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