BOMBSHELL: Jacob Blake Had a KNIFE in His Possession When Shot, Was Named in 911 Call from Victim

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by Greg Reynolds

Four days of rioting, arson and death have torn the small city of Kenosha, Wisconsin completely apart, since the shooting of Jacob Blake.

And it was all a result of a narrative of lies spun by Black Lives Matter activists, promoted by an unquestioning media that supports them — and made possible by a Democrat-run Wisconsin administration that delayed the facts for 4 days while Kenosha burned and 2 men were killed.

The narrative of course was that police “shot an unarmed black man (Blake) in front of his children.” Added to this the initial claim — not disputed by authorities — was that Blake was on the scene to “break up a fight” between two women when police interfered for no reason and “murdered” him.

Riots ensued, Joe Biden denounced the police, NBA players announced they would stop playing. All for lies.

We knew three days ago what 24News revealed — that Jacob Blake, the man shot by police in Kenosha, Wisc., has a long history of violent crimes, domestic violence, sexual assault, use of weapons, assaulting officers and resisting arrest.

The national media refused — and still refuses — to report this.

We knew that there was an outstanding warrant for his arrest (for sexual assault of a minor) at the time police arrived — again, which the media has ignored. We knew they attempted to arrest Blake, that he resisted and punched and fought officers, was tased, escaped restraint and walked to his car — and reached into his car despite warnings not to, before being shot.

Well now we finally know that Blake was NOT “unarmed” and was not there to “break up a fight.”

The Democrat Wisconsin Department of Justice (WDOJ) belatedly released information today that Blake had a knife in his possession — which he also admitted to after the shooting.


The WDOJ still is being sketchy with details on the knife — refusing to say whether he was holding the knife when shot or trying to retrieve it from the car…

Keys — or knife? We still don’t know.

They also revealed that a woman called 911 to report that her “boyfriend” (Blake) was present and was not supposed to be — because of a prior domestic violence arrest — and had taken her keys from her and would not leave.

Democrat Wisconsin Attorney General Josh Kaul this week refused to tell reporters if Jacob Blake was reaching for a weapon prior to being shot by a police officer. He could have defused the situation by revealing this fact which he obviously knew. A fact that, if known, could have cooled the rioting and tension that led to the destruction of dozens of businesses and the deaths of two rioters.

Blake, a serial domestic abuser of women, with an outstanding warrant for sexual assault of a minor, was not some innocent “unarmed Black man” trying to be a Good Samaritan in breaking up a fight. He was the TARGET of the police visit, a known, dangerous repeat offender who fought police and reached into a car for a weapon — a car of a domestic violence threat that had little children inside.

Will the media report these facts NOW? To stop the out-of-control violence that has needlessly destroyed a community and taken two lives — all of which could have been avoided had they simply reported the facts, and had Democrat politicians counseled patience and waiting for the facts, instead of inflaming the rioting BLM mobs with racial, anti-police rhetoric?


5 thoughts on “BOMBSHELL: Jacob Blake Had a KNIFE in His Possession When Shot, Was Named in 911 Call from Victim

  1. Not a single “Innocent Black Person” was shot by police in any of these recent incidents. Every one had a criminal history and/or were consorting w/those who did ( that Breanna person was with a known criminal at the time). The media chooses to create more Race Hatred and violence by portraying them all as nice upstanding people and great parents yet the exact opposite is true. I Blame the LYING MEDIA for all the Riots,Period! They r All Liars and need to be arrested!

  2. The past few months have taught me one thing if nothing else… the States I Don’t want to live in! Washington, Georgia, Oregon, Minnesota Wisconsin, Massachusetts, NYC and the list goes on. Thank GOD for the rest of New England.

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