BREAKING: SHOTS FIRED in Kenosha in Clash Between Rioters and Business Owners, TWO DEAD, 1 Wounded

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by Greg Reynolds

Riots and protests erupted Tuesday evening for the third night in a row in Kenosha following an officer-involved shooting Sunday.

BLM rioters began destroying another car shop in Kenosha Tuesday night when shots were fired.

UPDATE: There are reportedly three shooting victims, with injuries to the head, upper torso and chest, respectively.

**MAJOR UPDATE: TWO of the shooting victims have died at the hospital.

We are awaiting confirmation of names and details regarding these fatalities. It is not difficult to surmise who died based on some of the very graphic videos we include here below. Please be advised they are indeed graphic and not for children or the feint of heart.

One person was allegedly shot in the head while looting a car shop. The person who was shot was losing a lot of blood and was sent to the ER. It is unclear who shot the looter.


Another angle shows the actual shooting and aftermath:

UPDATE: Multiple gunshots in this clip…

UPDATE: There is reportedly a second gunshot victim

The gunshot victim being carried across the street to the hospital:


Another angle – Man down:

Additional gunshot victim screaming for a medic (graphic):

More footage:



Gunshot victims shot in arm below. One had part of his arm literally blown OFF. GRAPHIC VIDEO warning:

This is a breaking story…please refresh page for updates.



7 thoughts on “BREAKING: SHOTS FIRED in Kenosha in Clash Between Rioters and Business Owners, TWO DEAD, 1 Wounded

  1. Good riddance. If you are out committing felonies then you assume the risk. When a few hundred more of these antifa anarchists die, this crap should end. They are way outnumbered and outgunned and this should be a wakeup call to them. No sympathy, they’ve been begging for it since May and the armed citizens are fed up and fighting back–and it’s WAY past time for the citizens to put a stop to this.

  2. The protesters might need to get hurt so they know they might know they have it coming when hurting others. Instead of them getting off scott-free and doing anything they want. It’s good if a person can defend theirself so the protesters know they better watch out and not shoot or they will be sorry.

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