BREAKING: Kenosha Citizens Mobilize Armed Patrols to Defend Businesses from BLM Rioters

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by Greg Reynolds

Protests over the police shooting of a black male in Wisconsin continued Tuesday night, amid social media postings that appear to show residents arming themselves to protect against the vandalism and arson that has destroyed dozens of businesses and caused tens of millions in damages.

The protests and riots started in the city of Kenosha on Sunday after police shot 29-year-old Jacob Blake multiple times when when responding to a domestic violence report.

As we reported — but the national media will not — Blake had a long history of violent crimes, domestic violence, assaulting officers and resisting arrest. When police discovered an outstanding sexual assault warrant for Blake’s arrest, they tried to apprehend him. Blake was tased, fought with officers, and then walked away and around his vehicle as the officers pursue him with their guns raised. Blake had opened his car door and appeared top be reaching for something, when an officer grabbed the back of his shirt and fired into Blake’s back. Blake was seriously injured and remains in ICU.

Rioters have torn Kenosha apart since the incident, destroying businesses and setting fire to businesses, entire inventories of car dealerships, and even some residential buildings.

Well Kenosha citizens have apparently had enough. tonight they are sending out armed patrols to defend businesses from rioters Tuesday night.

In one video put online, several armed men are seen standing outside a local business. When asked if they are protecting the building, one of them answers, “We’re out here trying to protect residents, we’re trying to protect the innocent people, and we’re trying to protect the businesses of the citizens out here.”

And defending a car dealership, after at least two were completely destroyed…

It’s about time.

And a Facebook post by the Wisconsin Militia showed they are organizing volunteers to defend businesses across Kenosha and surrounding towns…

Looks like there will be MANY armed individuals in Kenosha Tuesday night. And if violent protesters confront them, there is a strong likelihood someone will get shot.

Last night a man driving by a burned building to his business tried to reason with the scumbags to leave businesses alone, saying they are “too scared to take on the police.” Frustrated, he then said “go ahead” and come after his business and he would “run y’all motherf**kers down.”

An Antifa activist put it online…

As night has fallen in Wisconsin, 24News is hearing that these armed patrols are growing across town.

Tuesday night in Kenosha may well be a powder keg ready to blow. Pray for peace.

This is a developing story. We will report further updates on tonight’s activities here as they come in.


2 thoughts on “BREAKING: Kenosha Citizens Mobilize Armed Patrols to Defend Businesses from BLM Rioters

  1. Burning those buildings and the many others is attempt of murder and will cost you in all you buy. things might go up in price and it will affect you too. I hope you get caught. As you have sent a message out to people all over. Saying/showing how low you are. Doing a lot of this when the door was opened to use that name “black lives matter” and even kill some that were cops of that race. Your point is not “black lives matter” but war/hate and go as low as you can.

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