Violence Erupts in Wisconsin After Shooting of Black Man, Cops Brutally Attacked, Incendiary Weapons Used

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by Joe Callen

As we reported earlier Sunday evening, a Black man, reportedly unarmed, was shot seven times in the back by an officer or officers in Kenosha, Wisconsin. The man did not follow instructions to stop, and went all the way around and into his car, seemingly ignoring three officers with guns drawn. It is unclear whether or not he was reaching for a weapon in the car.

UPDATE: The man, Jacob Blake, is reportedly in critical condition at this hour, in hospital iCU.

Here was the incident caught on video by a neighbor. Blake reportedly had intervened to break up a fight between two women. Officers arrived, and for whatever reason Blake was tasered, then got up and made a move to get in a car, when he was shot.

UPDATE: The man reportedly had a warrant out for his arrest…

In the aftermath of the shooting, angry mobs have taken to the streets of Kenosha, and are openly attacking police.

This officer was hit in the back of the head with a BRICK, and knocked out cold. No report yet on his condition.

Incendiary weapons are also being thrown at police now…

Large groups of Black Lives Matter activists have now taken to the streets in the area:

They have now reportedly “surrounded” the police station:

BLM activists are already doxxing an officer they allege was the shooter:

One woman claims that “blacked out license plate” SUV’s are headed to the area, presumably state or Federal law enforcement.


UPDATE: Kenosha County has just declared a CURFEW from 10:15 until 7am Monday, for all the good it will do.


5 thoughts on “Violence Erupts in Wisconsin After Shooting of Black Man, Cops Brutally Attacked, Incendiary Weapons Used

  1. Oh, goody another reason to riot and loot and burn and beat. Some people just Love that. If u OBEY THE COPS U LIVE! How difficult is That to understand? Also since this has been going on since May with no real results you would think the Blacks would know acting out like this doesn’t help their cause at all but simply makes other people hate them more. They defeat their own purposes by rioting. I watched this same foolishness back in the 1970’s and it did no good then and will do no good now. But I guess one generation teaches the next they need to keep trying. Maybe one day a generation will teach their kids differently. We can only hope. It is getting Boring now after 3 months. Enough already.

  2. He was trying to get into the car for a reason and given the current attitudes I would have probably shot as well. It is a scary time to be a Cop.

  3. bah. this only shows further the total failure of the colleges and their worthless fa%%@^&y. Honestly, we should take away all their public funding ASAP and make them liable to pay back all student loan debt. They are worse than garbage. Get rid of them and their stinking racket.

    Declare martial law, call out the national guard, and shoot to kill anyone violating curfew. Problem solved.

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