BREAKING: ‘Unarmed’ Black Man Shot By Police in Kenosha, WI (Graphic Video)

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by Joe Callen

Here we go again, folks. And just one day before the Republican National Convention, you have the feeling this is going to blow up big time.

BREAKING: Witnesses say a Black man in Kenosha, Wisconsin, was tasered and then shot several times by police after he ignores police commands. the man shot is listed in critical condition, and has reportedly shot seven times. N

UPDATE: His name reportedly is Jacob Blake.


UPDATE: City of Kenosha Police Department Media Release…


There are reports of violence breaking out in the Kenosha area. A man threw a brick, hitting another in the back of the head.

There have also been numerous attacks on cop cars in the area.

9:45 PM CST – VIDEO: Protesters gather near 40th Street and 28th Ave.