MSNBC Caught Doctoring Image of Biden Calling Kamala — Crops Out His SCRIPT

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by Joe Callen

Former Vice President Joe Biden appeared to have a script before him during a Zoom call with Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA), who was selected by his campaign to be his running mate on Tuesday.

OANN’s Jack Posobiec made the observation on Twitter while sharing a photo released by Biden’s campaign.

Posobiec also noted that Biden was bizarrely holding his phone upside down.

Then MSNBC was caught cropping out the embarrassing script when showing the scene on air — and even blurred the upside down phone too!

It’s hard to say what is more pathetic: the fact that Joe Biden needs a cheat sheet script merely to ask Kamala Harris to be his running mate?… Or, the fact that MSNBC doctored the image!

Biden staffer Adam Schultz photographed Biden during a video call with Harris, describing the image as capturing the moment Biden advised Harris of her selection. “[Joe Biden] picks [Kamala Harris] for VP at his home in Delaware today over zoom,” he wrote on his Instagram post.


“Biden had to read a script when he called Kamala,” wrote Posobiec on Twitter. He included a zoomed-in image of what seems to be a print-out script on the desk in front of Biden’s laptop.

Here’s a close-up view:

UPDATE– Take another look and you’ll see that Joe Biden was holding his phone upside down.

Does anyone really believe that the frail, confused Biden would last through a term as president?


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