Joe Biden Names Kamala Harris as Running Mate, Trump Instantly CRUSHES Them

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by Joe Callen

In true Trump style, he wasted NO time before responding to the announcement that Kamala Harris would be Joe Biden’s pick for Vice President.

You can’t make this up folks. Joe literally picked a woman who called him racist on LIVE TV. She said she believed his sexual harassment accusers. She allegedly slept her way into politics.

Trump trolled in only the way Trump could: “Voters rejected her. But not Joe Biden. He’s not smart.”


Trump’s ad is amazing!

And Biden’s choice of Harris did also not go over well with many on Twitter — even on the left.

When one NeverTrumper predicted Harris would romp in the VP debate, she was quickly reminded of how Tulsi Gabbard ended Harris’ entire campaign with a SINGLE attack — causing her to plummet from 2nd place to 2% support in just days:


And the Biden Campaign will soon remember why Harris — the “black” candidate — had one of the lowest levels of actual Black support of any Democrat candidate.

Candace Owens was there to remind them:


And she wasn’t alone.

Ouch. And there’s that pesky matter of Kamala calling Joe a racist:

Hoo boy.

Fasten your seatbelts, folks. This is going to be a Democrat ride to remember!


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