Climate Activists Try To Block Train Filled With Coal. Train Does NOT Stop

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by Sheri Urban

When dozens of activists stand in front of an oncoming train in the dark of night, as a way to protest “man-made” climate change, is the conductor of the train responsible if he runs them over?

Well, in Worcester, NH, that’s exactly what nearly happened, when an oncoming train refused to yield to the climate terrorist’s demands last week.

According to WBUR– No one was injured or arrested.

The activists — some of whom were affiliated with groups like the Climate Disobedience Center, 350 New Hampshire Action and 350 Mass Action — said in a press release that the action was part of their campaign to shut down the Merrimack Generating Station in Bow, N.H., one of the last remaining coal plants in New England.

About 25 people congregated in the woods by the tracks in West Boylston around 8 p.m, and around 9:35 p.m.”scouts” stationed further south on the tracks called to report that the train was heading toward the group, moving at about 10 miles per hour.


During a similar protest on Dec. 8, activists called the dispatcher and the train stopped before it reached them. In this case, however, Powsner says the man who answered told him that he couldn’t stop the train, though Powsner says it’s unclear if the man was unwilling or unable to stop the train.


“We have decided that we’re not going to allow business as usual to proceed at the plant,” she says. “That means that we’re not going to allow coal trains to arrive to Bow unhindered, and it means that we are going to do everything in our power to make sure that the plant cannot run.” -Protest group organizer, Lila Kohrman-Glaser

Soon after the 9:30 p.m. calls, activists willing to risk arrest stepped onto the tracks, flashlights and headlamps pointed toward the oncoming train. About a minute later, the first blares from the train’s horn could be heard from where they stood.

Lila Kohrman-Glaser, an organizer with 350 New Hampshire Action, said she felt “anxious” standing on the tracks. “But I feel way more anxious about the climate crisis and the fact that coal is still being used in New Hampshire. And if I have to stand in front of a train and be a little anxious, that feels like a really fair trade-off.”

One of her climate friends should tell Lila that she’s not gonna be around much longer if she keeps up her ludicrous antics.

Is a coal mining company likely to shut down its business because of the shenanigans of a bunch of leftist clowns who are dumb enough to stand on an active railroad track at night in front of a train loaded with coal?


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