Liberals Implode As Butcher Refuses to Remove ‘Not Halal’ Sign

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Store owner defies advertising authorities with ‘non inclusive’ sign

by Gina Cassini

A butcher in Australia has refused to change his shop’s sign that says its products are “not halal-certified,” defying a liberal uproar and disregarding advertising authorities alleging it was “inciting hatred” towards Islamic people.

The Valley Butchers in Adelaide, South Australia, found itself in hot water over a complaint to the Australian Advertising Standards Authority after the owner put up a sign that originally read “not halal-certified” on the shop front.

Valley Butchers argued the sign was just a factual answer to a frequently asked question about the origin of their meat:

“The sign is only stating that we are not halal approved,” the store asserts, SBS News Australia reported.

“In no way is it meant in a malicious way.”

“We where getting asked quite frequently whether we are halal approved, so I am just stating that we are not, and that saves a lot of wasted time.”

But complainants didn’t agree, and some Muslim activists — and even some friends of the owner — say the owner is being “deliberately disingenuous” to get around the letter of the law. 😉

One was quoted in the Ad Standards finding, alleging the signage “perpetuate[s] a culture of vilification towards religious minorities, that results in harm towards them…. It pokes fun of a specific group of people based on religious belief.”

The board agreed, saying the sign contributed to “inciting hatred or contempt” against Muslims.

“Using the phrase ‘non-Halal certified’ in conjunction with imagery of Australian animals was a suggestion that Islamic dietary practices are not Australian,” it said.

The butchers then responded.

The shop changed the sign to read “not halal-certified’ and does not intend to make any more changes.

But the advertising watchdog found the new sign still gave the impression it was not inclusive.

The shop has now been threatened with legal action to enforce the change — but he said he will not back down.

The shop also faces prosecution for using the iconic imagery of an Australian emu and kangaroo.

Seriously? Has Australia really gone from Crocodile Dundee to SJW-Triggered Soy Boys in 30 short years?


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