Latvian Government Flagged ‘Suspicious’ Payments to Hunter Biden

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Show us your “shocked face,” Hunter

by Joe Callen

All the way back in 2016, the former Soviet republic of Latvia began to flag a series of “suspicious” financial transactions with the receiver being none other than Hunter Biden, son of the former Vice-President.

Other colleagues at the Ukrainian natural gas conglomerate were also identified as receiving suspicious transactions as well.

According to documents and interviews, some colleagues sought after Kiev’s help in the investigation.

The Latvian prosecutorial agency sent a notification on February 18, 2016, to Ukraine about the investigation regarding money laundering, specifically questioning whether former Vice President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, and three other Burisma officials were the possible beneficiaries of the suspicious funds.

“The Office for Prevention of Laundering of Proceeds Derived from Criminal Activity … is currently investigating the suspicious activity of Burisma Holdings Limited,” the Latvian agency some may know as FIU wrote to Ukraine’s financial officials.


More from John Solomon Reports:

The memo was released to me by the Ukrainian General Prosecutor’s Office and confirmed by the Latvian embassy to the United States.

Latvian authorities said they did not get any incriminating information back from Ukraine to warrant further investigation and did not take additional action in 2016.

But the memo adds to the mounting evidence that there was ongoing investigative activity surrounding Burisma Holdings and Hunter Biden’s compensation as a board member in the weeks just before Joe Biden forced the firing of the Ukraine prosecutor overseeing the Burisma investigation in spring 2016.

Democrats just got one more good reason to fear a prolonged impeachment trial in the U.S. Senate — it might just end up with indictments for the Bidens.


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