Melania’s Home Country Sets Up Citizen’s Defense Force to STOP Illegal Migrants

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by Brian Hayes

Citizens in the central European state of Slovenia — the home country of First Lady Melania Trump — have formed a civil defense force to put a stop to illegal Muslim migrants entering their country from Croatia.

And unlike in the U.S., where the media and politicians attack vigilante groups that defend the border as racist and “dangerous,” the government is actively supporting these volunteers, and the media is heralding them as patriotic.

The Balkan route for Islamic migrants heading north from Turkey and Greece into Germany is well-known. However, thanks to Hungary’s national populist Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, the classic Balkan route which starts from Turkey or Greece, goes through Serbia, and then into Hungary has been sealed off. 

Replacement Migration’, as the United Nation puts it, now comes mainly comes through Bosnia, Croatia, Serbia, and Austria. This is the alternative route that’s been established for illegal migrants to gain entry to Western and Northern Europe’s welfare states.

But patriotic Slovenian citizens have come together to stop the relentless flow of illegal migration. The group of concerned citizens has formed a civil defense union to help the Slovenian army capture illegal migrants who’re trying to make their way through the country, Euronews reports.

Citizen Defense volunteers erect 12-14′ fences in woods where migrants sneak through

“I think the only solution here is to send the army to the border, the situation is similar now as if you were opening the gates of a prison and saying we’re letting out all the prisoners, who would stay in there? a single,”said Blaz Zidar, a member of the defense force.

Slovenian Volunteer Border Troops Training Near Croatian Border

Andrei Sisko, the commander of the citizen’s group, says: “What is the goal? The aim is to educate people and volunteers to defend their country as needed and to help the military and police to control public order. In times of massive migrations from the African and Asian states, especially Muslims, it is important to protect our borders. Because a state that is unable to protect its border is not a sovereign state.

Recently, during a visit to Slovenia’s southern border with Croatia, Prime Minister Marjan Sarec announced that his country would increase its border protection against illegal migrants.

About 350 additional troops have since been stationed at the border, with the goal to cut off ALL illegal migration by year’s end.


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