Liberals Melt Down Over Airmen Wearing ‘MAGA’ Patches During Trump Visit

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by Sheri Urban

Just the notion of someone — anyone — supporting President Trump sends many liberals off the rails. But a recent photograph from a U.S. warship has them truly losing their minds.

When President Trump visited the U.S.S. Wasp during his just-completed trip to Japan, several crew members were spotted with “Make Aircrew Great Again” patches, inspired by Trump’s famous “MAGA” slogan.

The patches feature a likeness of President Trump in the center:

Here’s a larger version of the “Make Aircrew Great Again” patch:

These patches are nothing new and have been around since 2017:

But as you might expect these “new” pictures of the patches led to a complete and total meltdown by those on the left:

Yeah, right, a dictatorship. Did President Trump or the crewmembers superiors force the sailors to create and wear the patches? Didn’t thinks so.

The lefty temper tantrum over the patches continued and went downhill from there:

Brownshirts? Somebody is in serious need of a history lesson.

Nice…so much for civility.

What do you think? Are these “Make Aircrew Great Again” patches appropriate or a disgrace?

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