Obama’s Defense Secretary Just Destroyed the Democrat Narrative on Trump and Russia

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by Jenn Carter

One of Barack Obama’s top cabinet secretaries has stunned and infuriated Washington Democrats by derailing their “Trump is Putin’s Puppet” narrative in a high-profile interview with CBS News.

Former Defense Secretary Robert Gates was asked what reporter Margaret Brennan thought was a softball question aimed to garner a Trump-bashing reply from Gates.

She got exactly the opposite.

It’s a favorite talking point for the Trump administration to say that they’ve been the toughest on Russia of any administration,” Margaret Brennan pointed out to Gates.

Gated replied, “And in some respects, that’s true. … I think in terms of the magnitude of the sanctions that have been put on Russia, they are more significant than have been imposed in the past.

OUCH! Watch…

To say Brennan was displeased by his answer is a big understatement. she literally appeared disgusted by his reply, and viewers noticed.

And Democrats in D.C. are reportedly furious over this clip, coming just as the 2020 Campaign is gearing up. One source reports that Susan Rice, the embattled National Security Adviser under Obama is particularly displeased…

But Gates wasn’t done with this clip. He went on to deride the foreign policy bona fides of the Democrat Presidential front-runner Joe Biden.

Gates said Biden was wrong on EVERY foreign policy issue in the past 40 years!

And Gates then derided both Biden and Sanders for their age (anyone his age — 75 — and older, which both Biden and Bernie, not not Trump, already are) — as a horrified Brennan desperately tried to defend Biden…

The Biden Campaign in in CHAOS over this interview from someone who was supposed to be an ALLY of Biden, but instead took him to pieces, as well as helping immunize Trump from the “Russia Hoax” truthers.


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