Black Man Launches White Child 3 Stories In Mall Of America, Media Won’t Mention Race

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by Sheri Urban

Photos of the 5-year-old child named Landen who was flung from the balcony of the Mall of America have been released.

The attacker, Emmanuel Deshawn Aranda, is a black man, and the child who was critically injured and fighting for his life is white.

But interestingly the news media has not reported on the race of the attacker and the victim and has not labeled it a hate crime.

Jussie Smollett fabricated a hate crime and the news media was on it day and night until he was exposed as a hoaxster.

In fact, far from declaring this a hate crime, the media is trying to partially excuse it by declaring, without evidence, that the perpetrator had “mental health issues,” despite a lengthy criminal background. Nor will officials release his immigration record, despite reports from Minneapolis that the suspect is a “refugee” who changed his name.

Aranda is now is prison on charges of attempted murder as the 5-year-old, who was motionless on the mall floor, is hospitalized, The Star Tribune reported.

A 5-year-old Woodbury boy remained hospitalized with critical injuries Sunday, one day after he was tossed over a third-floor railing at the Mall of America, allegedly by a stranger with a history of mental health problems.

The boy is “still very much with us and fighting,” according to a family friend who set up a GoFundMe page that had raised more than $225,000 within a few hours of being created Sunday. The donations will help pay for his medical and rehabilitation costs, which will include multiple surgeries, organizers said.

The boy’s parents declined to comment Sunday, pleading for privacy. Creators of the GoFundMe page wrote that the boy, whose first name is Landen, is “the sweetest kindest 5 year old you will ever meet. His soul is soft and gentle and instantly brings a smile to everybody he meets.”

After fleeing the chaotic scene Friday morning, Emmanuel Deshawn Aranda, 24, was taken into custody Friday at the mall’s transit station and is being held in the Hennepin County jail on suspicion of attempted murder. Charges are expected by noon Monday, authorities said.

At a news conference Saturday, Bloomington Police Chief Jeff Potts said police don’t believe the suspect knew the family or the boy. “As to why he did that, we’re just trying to figure it out,” Potts said.


UPDATE: Several people from Minneapolis are claiming that the man is a Somali Muslim on Twitter. We cannot confirm this, but police are giving very limited details of his biography.

As to his “mental issues,” I could not find any record of this. However, he assaulted a woman (his third arrest in 2015 alone!) who failed to give him money he demanded, and was actually “banned” from the Mall for a year (fat lot of goo that did. Why didn’t he have a proper retraining order?)

In October 2015, Aranda was arrested after throwing drinks at a woman in a restaurant located inside the Mall of America, according to court documents obtained by WCCO.

According to the complaint, Aranda repeatedly asked a woman to buy him “something to eat or at least give him some money,” and after being asked to leave by a restaurant employee, he allegedly grabbed full glasses of ice water and tea, throwing them at the woman.

Curiously, one official person not known for keeping quiet has not uttered a single word about this horror story that took place in her
Congressional district: Rep. Ilhan Omar.


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