In One Stunning Clip, Maxine Waters Proves She’s the Dumbest Person in Congress

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by Sheri Urban

The House Banking Committee, led by (ahem) “distinguished” Democrat Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA), called in the nation’s top bankers on Wednesday to arrogantly lecture them on greed and political correctness.

During her questioning Mad Maxine asked the bankers about what they were doing with their own loan policies to help those suffering with massive student loan debt.

Each of the bankers on the panel sat for a moment in stunned silence, and then — trying to hide a smirk — quickly reminded the Banking Committee Chairperson that they no longer make ANY student loans.

As in…NONE.

Not since the Federal government took over the program

in 2010.

The same government whose Banking Committee oversees such matters, and which one would presume the CHAIR of such committee might know that.

Not Mad Maxine. Chairwoman Waters was completely dumbstruck.

She knows nothing. This is the Democrat Party’s top “banking expert”?

WATCH, as Democrats embarrass the U.S. Congress before the entire financial world:


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