Supreme Court Strikes Another Blow Against Illegal Immigration, Targeting Illegal Alien ID Theft

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by Jenn Carter

The replacement of former Justice Anthony Kennedy with Brett Kavanaugh on the U.S. Supreme Court is already having a big impact in the fight against illegal immigration in America.

“Swing vote” Kennedy was a reliable vote for most pro-business conservative cases, but a staunch ally of leftist justices when it came to clamping down on illegal aliens, with his pivotal vote gutting Arizona’s landmark SB1070 law in 2012.

Earlier, I reported on a big win for the Trump Administration from a 5-4 SCOTUS decision endorsed the authority if ICE to detain illegal aliens awaiting deportation anytime – potentially even years – after they have completed prison terms for criminal convictions.

This was a huge blow to “Sanctuary Cities” that protect illegals at the expense of American citizens.

Now the Court once again is taking on illegals by agreeing to hear an appeal by Kansas’ Secretary of State Kris Kobach — a key Trump ally — to revive the state’s policy of prosecuting people for identity theft for using other people’s Social Security numbers in order to gain employment in a case linked to immigration issues.

The Kansas law was blocked by a lower court. And experts say the SCOTUS is almost certain to reverse the decision.

The justices will hear the state’s appeal of a 2017 ruling by the Kansas Supreme Court that voided the convictions of three (illegal alien) restaurant workers, finding that a 1986 federal law, the Immigration Reform and Control Act, prevents states from pursuing such prosecutions.

The three men – Ramiro Garcia, Donaldo Morales and Guadalupe Ochoa-Lara – had provided their employers Social Security numbers that were not their own before being prosecuted for identity theft.


Lawyers on both sides refused to comment why the three men did not have or did not use their own Social Security numbers, saying it was not relevant to the legal question.

People who enter the country illegally do not get assigned Social Security numbers, which are assigned by the U.S. government to all legal residents.

The number is primarily used to identify people for employment and tax purposes.

Its original purpose was to track each person’s payments into the Social Security program, which provides money for retirees and people eligible for other social welfare programs.

The state appeals court found that the federal law defined the circumstances under which immigrants can be penalized for providing incorrect information to employers.

The law required employers to fill out a form, known as the I-9, attesting that they have reviewed prospective employees’ documents and can confirm they are authorized to work in the United States.

The law also stated that the form “may not be used for purposes other than for enforcement of this act.”

The mere fact that the Court is taking up the case, SCOTUSBlog says, makes it “nearly certain” that the high court will return another 5-4 decision against illegal aliens, which Justice Kennedy would not have supported.

Another win for Trump! No wonder nearly all Democrat presidential candidates running for 2020 want to “pack” the Court to try and stop the new conservative majority:


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