After Media Pushes U.S. to Take Back Traitorous ISIS Widow, Trump Slams the Door With ONE Tweet

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by Sheri Urban

The mainstream media has spent the past four days running — by my own Lexis-Nexis count — over 200 articles about a U.S.-born woman turned ISIS terrorist traitor who “regrets” leaving America for the terrorist group, and now wants to come “home” to America.

Nearly every article is sympathetic, portraying a smiling Hoda Muthana as having been young and naive and calling her an “Alabama mom” — like she’s Emmylou Harris in a burka. With every shot framing her with her 18-month old child by a murderous ISIS terrorist (now deceased) — one of three ISIS jihadists she has married.

What the media will NOT report is how truly vile this woman is.

According to The Guardian, in 2015, Muthana used Twitter to urge Americans to commit acts of violence on nation holidays like Veteran’s Day and Memorial Day and to “spill all of their blood.”

“Americans wake up! Men and women altogether. You have much to do while you live under our greatest enemy, enough of your sleeping! Go on drivebys, and spill all of their blood, or rent a big truck and drive all over them. Veterans, Patriots, Memorial, etc day … Kill them!”

What a disgusting beast. But now she’s just a smiling “U.S. citizen” that CNN quotes “immigration experts” as claiming “must be allowed to return to America — by law.”

Well just minutes ago, President Donald J. Trump slammed the door on her redemption story with one tweet:

And Pompeo quickly made it official, declaring that Muthana will not be allowed to return to the U.S. after traveling to Syria to join ISIS in 2014.

Pompeo said that Hoda Muthana is not a U.S. citizen and does not have any valid visa to come back to America.

The article goes on to state the following:

“Ms. Hoda Muthana is not a U.S. citizen and will not be admitted into the United States. She does not have any legal basis, no valid U.S. passport, no right to a passport, nor any visa to travel to the United States.  We continue to strongly advise all U.S. citizens not to travel to Syria,” Pompeo said in a statement.

Lawyers for Muthana’s family have told several media outlets she is in fact a citizen, having been born in the U.S.

Muthana was born to a Yemeni diplomat in New Jersey and moved to New York and then Washington, D.C., before finally settling with her family in Alabama as a seventh grader, she said.

After being part of ISIS since 2014, Muthana surrendered to Kurdish authorities within the SDF and is now one of 1,500 foreign women and children living in a Kurdish-run refugee camp in northern Syria.

Thank you, Mr. President! No second chances for America-hating traitors.


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