NYTimes Stuns with Photo of Justice Ginsberg’s ‘Return’ to Supreme Court, But There’s One BIG Problem

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by Brian Hayes

On February 15th, the New York Times stunned many in Washington by announcing that Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg had “returned to the Supreme Court” after a lengthy absence since surgery to remove a cancerous tumor from her lung.

They published a photo along with the article, with the caption: “Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg returned to the Supreme Court on Friday.”

Ginsberg was last seen in public before her December 21st, 2018 surgery. She has not been at that court — or seen in public at all — since that date, leading to rampant speculation about her health.

So when the Times reported that Ginsberg had returned to the Court on Friday, accompanied by a photo of the Associate Justice’s triumphal return, liberals were thrilled, and castigated conservatives for daring to question her well-being.

But soon Twitter noticed something wasn’t quite right:



That’s THREE MONTHS old! And that’s the picture the Times uses — and captions — as accompanying Ginsberg’s “return” to the Court?

The journalist’s bible, the MLA, states that publications should pay careful attention to how they caption photos, so as not to mislead:

Include specific information about the date. If the photo is less than a week old, include the day of the week, but don’t include the month, day or year. If the photo is more than a week old, state the month and day, such as “Feb. 15.” Use the entire date, including the year but not the day of the week, if the photo is from any previous year. If the date is unknown, use “File Photo,” or similar designation.


The Times merely captioned “Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg returned to the Supreme Court on Friday.” No date. No “file photo.”

Meaning that Ginsberg still has not been seen in months.

And the media doesn’t see this as a big deal at all!

Contrast this to the almost daily drumbeat CNN’s Brian Steltzer performed during First Lady Melania Trump’s recovery from kidney surgery last year:

While I grant that the public is interested in our First Lady, Ginsburg has a lifetime appointment to the highest court in the nation, the Supreme Court.

And should she be forced to step down because of health issues, or if she passes away, President Trump would get a third Supreme Court nominee in just his first term, so we have to wonder why the media seems to have no interest in the fact that Ginsburg has not been seen since November 17th, 2018.


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