GAME OVER: Chicago Police Reportedly Believe Jussie Smollett Paid Brothers To Beat Him Up

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by Sheri Urban

How many of us — who aren’t liberals or Hollyweird celebs — didn’t KNOW he was lying from the start?

But it’s still just so godawfully repulsive that I still find it all unbelievable.

According to Daily Mail, Chicago police now believe Jussie Smollett paid the two Nigerian brothers to beat him up.

The two men involved in the alleged hoax are now fully cooperating with law enforcement, CNN is reporting on Saturday.

Yup. I told you so. I figured as much when I found out they hadn’t been charged with anything.

On January 29, two men ‘yelled out racial and homophobic slurs’ while attacking Smollett, the actor told police.

One of the assailants tied a rope around his neck and poured an unknown chemical substance on him, Smollett claimed at the time.

That narrative, however, is now under serious scrutiny by investigators.

The cable channel is reporting that documents prove two Nigerian brothers who work as extras on the highly rated Fox drama bought the rope which was found around Smollett’s neck at a local Ace Hardware store in Chicago.


Chicago police are now ‘eager to speak to Jussie Smollett’ in light of the new information that was uncovered, according to ABC News.

‘We have been in touch with Smollett’s attorneys,’ a Chicago Police Department spokesperson said.

‘We made our intentions clear,’ he said.

Here’s a P.R. photo of the two men Smollett told police were “White racist Trump supporters”….

It really makes that weepy Good Morning America interview look THAT MUCH GROSSER, doesn’t it?

What a freaking sociopath.

False reporting is a class 4 felony in the state of Illinois, punishable by up to 3 years in prison.

I hope he gets all three.


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