Girl Hailed as ‘Hero’ for Stopping Migrant’s Deportation… Now the TRUTH is Exposed

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by Chuck Rudolph | 24News

A Swedish student was hailed as a “hero” and captured worldwide social media attention after she stopped the deportation of an Afghan migrant by refusing to sit down on a plane.

But despite a week of mainstream media not even asking why the man was being deported, it has finally emerged that the Afghan Muslim migrant had been convicted of a “violent assault” on a Swedish citizen, among other crimes, and had been rejected for asylum in the nation.

The young woman live streamed the whole incident and it was viewed nearly 5 million times on Facebook alone. In the video, she’s heard saying “there is a man who is going to get deported to Afghanistan, where he will most likely get killed” and the she won’t “sit down until this person is off the plane.”

Elin Ersson, a student at Gothenburg University, was subjected to fawning media coverage over her stunt earlier this month when she refused to take her seat on the plane until the 52-year-old Afghan deportee was released. She was successful and authorities weren’t able to deport the man.

However, Swedish Police confirmed to Fox News that the man whose deportation Ersson prevented had received a prison sentence in Sweden for “at least” one assault of a “severe nature”. The police spokesman declined to go into more details about the crime the migrant has committed. His asylum application was also rejected.


The man will still eventually be deported, though the date remains unknown, the newspaper reported.

Despite lacking information about the man who was being deported, most media organizations jumped on the story, with the Washington Post calling Ersson’s stunt a “dramatic act of civil disobedience” while Newsweek magazine described the student as a “hero”.

“I am doing what I can to save a person’s life,” she continues. “As long as a person is standing up, the pilot cannot take off. All I want to do is stop the deportation, and then I will comply with the rules here. This is all perfectly legal, and I have not committed a crime.”

An annoyed passenger tried to grab the phone from Ersson, saying she’s upsetting others. To which the student replied: “It’s not my fault that he’s getting deported. I’m trying to stop this.”

“I’m trying to change my country’s rules. I don’t like them. It’s not right to send people to hell,” she added.

But it sounds like the Afghan man himself was inflicting his own brand of “hell” on the Swede or Swedes he “violently assaulted.”

But don’t expect the mainstream media to bring that fact to you with the same vigor with which they breathlessly reported Ersson’s “bravery.”


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