Bernie Sanders Unveils His Plan for Medicare for Illegal Aliens

by Sean McDonough

As if “Medicare For All” wasn’t a bad enough idea on its own, 2020 Democrat hopeful Bernie Sanders decided to double down.

He made it much worse.

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders says that his healthcare plan will give free government healthcare to millions of illegal aliens at the expense of American taxpayers

Host: “Would you include the 11 million undocumented immigrants in that?”

Sanders: “Absolutely”

Democrats used to hide and waffle on whether they intended to cover illegals with tax-funded healthcare. NO LONGER. They are open about it.

Don’t be so sure. They’re ALL Socialists now!

If you have friends who told you they would vote for Bernie vs. Trump for the “free stuff” he promises, but they don’t support open borders, you’d better share this clip with them pronto.

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