After James Comey Posts Bizarre, Post-Mueller Photo, Lindsay Graham OWNS Him on Twitter

by Jenn Carter

Fired FBI Director James Comey fired off a cryptic tweet Sunday evening after Attorney General Bill Barr confirmed that Special Counsel Robert Mueller found zero evidence that Donald Trump’s camp conspired with Russia during the 2016 election.

But Comey seemed to forget that — with the hoax he helped to start now lying in an ash heap — he has a LOT to answer for, legally.

Lindsey Graham helpfully reminded him.

Comey posted a photo of himself in the deep woods. “So many questions,” he captioned it.

So many questions?

It was Comey who set this whole fake Russia ball in motion after he was fired as FBI Director on May 9th 2017. Comey gave portions of his Trump memos to a friend to leak to the New York Times to prompt a special counsel investigation into President Trump.

Comey also conspired with disgraced former intelligence chief James Clapper to push the Russian Dossier hoax, lied to Congress, leaked classified materials, signed off on a FISA warrant (and thus lied to a Federal court) based on what he knew to be unverified DNC opposition research , and on and on…

Senate Judiciary Chairman Lindsey Graham (R-SC) clapped right back against Comey’s “so many questions” with a brutal threat of a tweet:

BOOM! Looks like Comey should check his mail for a subpoena real soon.

OWNED…and Twitter erupted in response.

Time to lawyer up, Jimmy!

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